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Planners from all over the world for your wedding. Based on our experience and vision for the future, we select professionals we can recommend for weddings and private events 


Wedding planners and the best wedding agencies in St. Petersburg

Our project deeply respects and appreciates the work of wedding planners. We know exactly how difficult it is sometimes to coordinate creative professionals, to balance their schedules, and set up a well-coordinated work at the holiday. We see how the success of the event depends on the correctly chosen presenters, photographers, videographers, decorators. We feel that the work with planners from year to year has been perfected, thought out, and planned. This work brings pleasure every minute.

Work with planners — is the key to a successful celebration. We recommend the best of the best, professional planners with impeccable quality of work, with whom we have worked personally, and they know us inside and out. We are confident in each other's services, value our reputation, and don’t give empty promises. These are the planners you can trust to organize your special day and date. Professionals who love to create, organize, and come up with ideas that will both surprise you and your guests.

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Agency has been working since 2007 and sees its calling in making brides' dreams come true. The history of each couple is unique, therefore, the agency team develops the concept and decoration of the celebration from scratch, selecting the best vendors. Royal Wedding gives an opportunity to choose the most exclusive location for a wedding, be it the Konstantinovsky or Catherine Palaces, the Hermitage or the Philharmonic. Planners are accredited to work on almost any architectural site in St. Petersburg.


Cheers studio team believes that on their wedding day, the bride and groom have only one task: to feel happy and shine. The planners know very well what kind of atmosphere should be at the celebration, and how important harmony between the outside and the inside is.


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Don't panic bride

Since 2016, the Don’t panic bride agency has been creating weddings without strict frames, where everything is possible, as long as it's made “about you”, with taste and harmony. Its creator, Yulia Fedorova, encourages you to give up on traditions that look strange to you and create your own, preserving the best: family values, comfort, real emotions, and sincerity.


GREY CHIC is a laconic chic with shades of gray St. Petersburg sky, a combination of monochrome and classic aesthetics. The agency was founded in 2016 and since then the team has organized and hosted weddings and events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Italy, Georgia, Iceland, and Norway.


A PEONY wedding is always more than just decor. This is also a feast for the eyes and soul when every line, shape, texture, colour and sound is heavily considered. This is an event that will immerse the couple and their guests in an atmosphere of love and happiness.

Now Family

Now Family is an agency that creates the day when two people become one family. The agency was founded by Veronica Karol in 2016. From day one, the Now Family concept is based on teamwork with the bride and groom. The organizers sincerely believe that they are creating an important event for two and telling the story of a new family.




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