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Wedding planners and the best wedding agencies

TOP15MOSCOW project deeply respects and appreciates the work of wedding planners. We know exactly how difficult it is sometimes to coordinate creative professionals, to balance their schedules, and set up a well-coordinated work at the holiday. We see how the success of the event depends on the correctly chosen presenters, photographers, videographers, decorators. We feel that the work with planners from year to year has been perfected, thought out, and planned. This work brings pleasure every minute.

Work with planners — is the key to a successful celebration. We recommend the best of the best, professional planners with impeccable quality of work, with whom we have worked personally, and they know us inside and out. We are confident in each other's services, value our reputation, and don’t give empty promises. These are the planners you can trust to organize your special day and date. Professionals who love to create, organize, and come up with ideas that will both surprise you and your guests.


We pay special attention in creating a happy, cheerful and warm event atmosphere. Likewise, we work on the concept of a wedding together with couples, starting from scratch and sorting out the smallest details.


WeDoAgency Studio was a finalist at the prestigious 2018 Russian Wedding Awards. Having understood how to progress further, this creative team has organised lots of private events, which not only organises large-scale weddings, but also birthdays, dinner parties, and other important family occasions.

Russian Wedding Group

The philosophy of the RUSSIAN WEDDING GROUP is built on the emotions and unforgettable impressions of the newlyweds and their guests. The foundation of the day is the wishes of the bride and groom. The best reward for the agency's team is sincere feedback from those who entrust them with their big day.


PEONY is one of the best wedding studios in St. Petersburg, who organizes aesthetic wedding celebrations in Russia and around the world. A PEONY wedding is always more than just decor. This is also a feast for the eyes and soul when every line, shape, texture, colour and sound is heavily considered. This is an event that will immerse the couple and their guests in an atmosphere of love and happiness.

Mirum Event

MIRUM EVENT AGENCY adheres to the personal approach of wedding planning. We don’t use standard templates — all the details from the design to the venue are selected for the newlyweds, and based on their wishes and personalities. We don’t set ourselves simple tasks and we try to find innovative and unconventional solutions.

Kate & Leo

Our team knows what a high quality of service means. It’s important for us to make sure that the most important people at the wedding - you and your guests - feel comfortable. At the first meeting, we will quote you an estimate of your wedding for free. After that meeting and before signing the final contract, you will have the full picture of your future wedding.


Pick a dream team of professionals for your wedding

Feerique Event & Emotions

Each of our projects is truly unique. We don’t and won’t organise a single template wedding. For each event, we find an original concept and embody the uniqueness of the couple in every detail. That’s why in 5 years of work we have received awards as one of the most recognizable agencies with a unique sense of wedding style.


Svadberry Agency has been working in the wedding services industry in the Russian Federation since 2010. A wedding-team of professionals, led by the title-holder of Mrs. Russia, Anna Gorodzha, will help your wedding dreams come true. Svadberry Agency has organised weddings for celebrities, such as: Alexander Ovechkin and Nastasia Shubskaya, Matvey Melnikov and Maria Gural, Alena Vodonaeva and Alexey Komov, Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov, Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota, Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev, Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd. 

Morozova Wedding

“We create love” is the philosophy of the Morozova Wedding agency. The story of each couple is important to the team: the ability to understand and feel what connects lovers is a great value for the specialists at the agency. That’s why the Morozova Wedding agency turns out to be so special, and after the events, the brides become friends with the organizers for many years.

Dlya Dvoih

Dlya Dvoih Agency is all about you. About your love, stylish personality and dreams. About planning a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Agency has been working since 2007 and sees its calling in making brides' dreams come true. The history of each couple is unique, therefore, the agency team develops the concept and decoration of the celebration from scratch, selecting the best vendors. Royal Wedding gives an opportunity to choose the most exclusive location for a wedding, be it the Konstantinovsky or Catherine Palaces, the Hermitage or the Philharmonic. Planners are accredited to work on almost any architectural site in St. Petersburg.

Markevich Event

The Markevich Event Agency in Moscow is a union of creative people, who can change reality, bringing positivity and limitless fun into the celebration.


TOBELOVE hosts exciting events. Whether it's a light private party or a big star’s wedding, we'll always find a way to make the occasion unique. Thanks to the personal approach for each client, TOBELOVE Agency regularly wins at the professional Wedding Awards in Russia.

Beeze Wedding Studio

Beeze Studio creates unique, atmospheric weddings that are filled with emotions, feelings, and good taste. They treat the organization of each wedding with love, don’t miss a single detail, and are very attentive to every couple's wishes. It’s important for them that you get great pleasure, both during the planning process and on the wedding day. 

Celebrate It!

Our team understands that flawless wedding planning is more than just taking all the worries upon ourselves and giving you the opportunity to enjoy every second.


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