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Официальная страница свадебного агентства Royal Wedding на сайте TOP15MOSCOW. Роскошные свадьбы в культурной столице России.
Planners Royal Wedding
Лучшее региональное свадебное агентство России
Лучший региональный свадебный проект
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Лучшее региональное свадебное агентство России
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Wedding Agency Royal Wedding creates luxurious weddings in the Cultural Capital of Russia

Royal Wedding Agency has been working since 2007 and sees its calling in making brides' dreams come true. The history of each couple is unique, therefore, the agency team develops the concept and decoration of the celebration from scratch, selecting the best vendors. Royal Wedding gives an opportunity to choose the most exclusive location for a wedding, be it the Konstantinovsky or Catherine Palaces, the Hermitage or the Philharmonic. Planners are accredited to work on almost any architectural site in St. Petersburg.

Royal Wedding

A fairy tale in reality that every little princess dreamed of

By trusting the Royal Wedding team, you will enjoy preparing for a unique celebration. The agency will treat your love story, dreams, and wishes with reverent attention and professionalism. Add creativity and experience to that and the recipe for the perfect wedding is ready. You do not need to worry about anything — the Royal Wedding will take care of approvals, control of vendors, and other organizational issues.

Planners believe in love and magic at first sight. After all, that's the point where great feelings, great relationships, and great events begin.

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