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We are the Feerique Event wedding agency.
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The best creative solution for a wedding up to 2 million rubles
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We are the Feerique wedding agency!

Each of our projects is truly unique. We don’t and won’t organise a single template wedding. For each event, we find an original concept and embody the uniqueness of the couple in every detail. That’s why in 5 years of work we have received awards as one of the most recognizable agencies with a unique sense of wedding style.

Feerique Event & Emotions

The courage to love. The courage to be yourself.

For us,  every couple is unique so every wedding should feel personal. Different newlyweds, different guests, different ideas... But the main quality of our team and company is the unique atmosphere that we manage to create. The atmosphere that represents you! See Feerique’s photos, reviews and contact details on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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